【SALE/55%OFF】 hijikata1869様 専用ジッポー スタリング2001年 タバコグッズ

Turn doubt into confidence and fear into power, while creating an indelible bond with teammates.

【SALE/55%OFF】 hijikata1869様 専用ジッポー スタリング2001年 タバコグッズ

【SALE/55%OFF】 hijikata1869様 専用ジッポー スタリング2001年 タバコグッズ

Ignite, unify and inspire the top performers of your organization

Navigate uncertainty and face your fears of the unknown together. In this powerful event, you will experience:

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  • Renewal and restoration
  • The exhilaration of ultra-achievement
  • Shared memories to last a lifetime


The biggest barriers in life come from our own psychology – our fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back. Every day represents new choices and a challenge of stepping into new territory whether it be launching a new product, having a difficult conversation, making that hard decision or just believing in yourself to let your true light shine.

Firewalking profoundly challenges people to reexamine what they believe to be possible and overcome some of their greatest fears. From expert trainers, participants learn how to shift their mindset, gather their confidence and walk safely across fire. You can literally feel the breakthroughs happening as people accomplish this incredible feat!

Learn that every barrier gives way, every obstacle can be overcome and every challenge has a solution.

【SALE/55%OFF】 hijikata1869様 専用ジッポー スタリング2001年 タバコグッズ

スワトウ刺繍 九寸名古屋帯❣️

【SALE/55%OFF】 hijikata1869様 専用ジッポー スタリング2001年 タバコグッズ


Firewalking is one of the strongest methods for challenging limiting beliefs, moving outside of your comfort zone, authentically improving self confidence and radically shifting your perspective. This transformational high-performance event will leave you with memories and techniques that will stay with you long after you’ve taken the last step across the burning embers.


Tim Walther is an expert in Applied Psychology, Experiential Learning and Team and Leadership Development. He resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is an adventure athlete, with an eclectic background in Alpine Mountaineering, Endurance Swimming, Free-Diving and Multi-Sport Adventures. Tim has trained extensively in delivering the firewalk experience, and has supported and trained thousands of people to walk across hot coals.

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Tim’s friend and firewalking partner, David Fabricius, is often called upon for large group Fire Walking events, including YPO events delivered around the globe.

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