OSForensics 10.0.1004 Terbaru Gratis Download 2023

OSForensics 10.0.1004 Terbaru – It is an advanced computer software package that can help us to navigate, locate and analyze an enormous amount of data on a computer. After creating a simple case with OSForensics, you can see the computer’s recent activities. So, for instance, you can view the documents users have been opening, the websites they’ve visited, the USB devices they’ve connected, and any network shares they’ve used. Everything is possible with its easy and friendly user interface.

OSForensics 10.0.1004 has many other useful features and tools. For instance, there’s an Undelete tool that you can use to recover any lost files from storage drive. It can also run on a live system, but a real computer expert will avoid doing so until the hard drive has been cloned first. This could let you know if malware (or maybe another user of your PC) is trying to hide particular files. Another very useful feature is the indexing of files, OSForensics can search a hard drive much quicker than the built-in Windows search. Furthermore, it’s also possible to run text searches of any emails found on a system, from within the program. Get the latest PassMark OSForensics Free Download Full Version 7.1 software now.


PassMark OSForensics 10.0.1004 Newest Features

  • Melakukan analisis registry, mendeskripsi file, dan memberikan pelaporan
  • Kemampuan mengembalikan password
  • Engine pencarian data yang mendukung regular expression
  • Pra-dan post proses untuk mengontrol penuh image file hasil
  • Multidata view memungkinkan analisis data dengan tampilan heksa, teks ataupun difilter
  • Report dapat dilaporkan dalam bentuk HTML, PDF, XML ataupun RTF
  • Quick File Creation on a Computer
  • Find files faster, search by filename, size and time
  • Search through email archives from Outlook, ThunderBird, Mozilla and more
  • Browse Volume Shadow copies to see past versions of files
  • Ability to restore deleted files
  • Create and compare drive signatures to identify differences
  • Ability to install on USB memory
  • Provide a complete report of the latest system activities
  • Ability to search the archive of email
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows

How to Install PassMark OSForensics Full Version Software

  1. Download OSForensics Full Version with Patch
  2. Extract with the latest Winrar 5.6
  3. Run setup.exe as usual
  4. Copy the Patch.exe file to the software’s folder
  5. Run as administrator and apply Patch
  6. Enjoy brother!

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