NetTraffic v1.66.2 Terbaru Gratis 2023

NetTraffic v1.66.2 Terbaru Gratis Updated 2023

NetTraffic v1.66.2 Terbaru Gratis merupakan software gratis untuk windows yang dapat berguna untuk memonitor network usage atau penggunaan koneksi internet.

Software ini dapat memonitor penggunaan data internet setiap anda terhubung dengan koneksi internet dan memberikan report, harian, bulan dan tahunan.



Key features, tags

  • Network traffic, network monitoring, network data rate, network bandwidth, network throughput, network speed meter, network activity, network usage history, network usage predictions.
  • Traffic monitoring, traffic counter, traffic usage, traffic monitor.
  • Bandwidth speed, bandwidth monitor, bandwidth usage, bandwidth meter, bandwidth monitoring.
  • Link throughput, network interface throughput, connection throughput.
  • Internet connection speed monitoring, Internet link data rate.
  • Quota counter, data transfer limit usage meter, data plan usage. Feature usable for users with limited Internet connection. In some cases (e.g. mobile Internet) data amount is limited or / and speed over exceeding data limit is limited. Quota counter show usage of data limit and lapse of (billing) period.
  • Usage statistics, data transfer usage tracking, data meter, data sent, data received, data usage charts.
  • Realtime, real time statistics, real time data rate chart, live link speed plot, live throughput graph.
  • Tray icon (network activity indicator), notify icon.
  • Network interfaces, adapters, cards, links, connections monitor.
  • Tool, software, application, utility.
  • Modes: installer, portable (instant, standalone).
  • Multi-language.
  • Lightweight.
  • Freeware, free.

Software Terkait Lainnya

Supported Operating Systems
Windows: all (64-bit and 32-bit).
Requirement: .NET Framework 2.0.

Size: 300 Kb

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=> NetTraffic v1.66.2Terbaru Gratis | via dbree

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