Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Mac 18.4.4 Terbaru Download 2023

Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Mac 18.4.4 Terbaru – On the previous occasion, we have discussed on how to download the Windows version of this software. Even though the overall features of this color grading software are the same, but there are several advantages when we are using it with a Mac Device. One of the advantages is higher color accuracy and faster performance. That’s right, Mac devices are completed with an amazing screen display quality, its sharpness and color accuracy are top-notch. Well, if you are a Mac user, it is highly recommended to switch to using this Mac Davinci Resolve 16 software. Especially for Video Editing and Color Grading.

The appearance of this software is quite similar to any video editing software in general. However, Davinci Resolve 16 can provide us with better editing and color grading performance. Especially for the Importing and Exporting process, it is undeniable that it has superb performance far surpasses its competitors. If you want to get the best Color Correction and Grading configuration, this software is extremely suitable to use. Both for Indie and Commercial Video purposes.

The new Davinci Resolve 16 Mac Blackmagic application already supports MacOS Catalina and Mojave. As for Mac devices, all types and models can run it very well. Software stability is also very good, it was rare to find a bug or crash when we using it all day long. Do you want to try this one of the best Color Grading Software on Mac? Quickly, Download the latest BlackMagic Davinci Resolve 16 MacOS Full Version (Studio) for OS Catalina and Mojave.


Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Studio Mac Features

  • Professional video editing and advanced color correction tools
  • Massive set of context editing and trimming tools, multi camera editing, transitions, etc
  • Insert, Overwrite, Fit to Fill, Superimpose, Add, Extend & Trim edits easily
  • Output higher than Ultra HD such as 4K and beyond
  • Mouse or keyboard editing with programmable shortcuts
  • Customizable stroke, background, outlines & shadows on titles
  • Unlimited grades with intuitive node based workflow
  • Primary correction with wheels, YRGB sliders, RGB Mixer & log grading
  • Color Match auto balancing using standard color charts
  • Unlimited Secondary corrections to isolate specific parts of image
  • Professional video scopes & monitors
  • Gallery to store frames, grades and preset “looks”
  • Keyframes for animating changes over time
  • Support MacOS Catalina & Mojave
  • Support Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro

Installation Step : Davinci Resolve Studio 16 MacOS Full Crack

  1. First, you need to Disable SIP and Allow Apps From Anywhere
  2. Download Davinci Resolve Studio 16.2 Mac Full Version
  3. Unzip file to desktop (Winzip MacOS)
  4. Mount the DMG file to start installation
  5. Follow the instructions in the DMG file
  6. Enjoy color grading!

Free Download Davinci Resolve MacOS Full Version



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